CURT 17200 Black Trailer Anti-Sway Bar Control Kit


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CURT Trailer Sway Control Kit

CURT Trailer Sway Control

Enhanced comfort. Professional confidence.

A CURT trailer sway control kit provides increased comfort and confidence for your towing adventures, by helping to limit the undesirable lateral movement of your trailer while towing.

Trailer sway can be caused by passing cars or a crosswind. The CURT trailer sway control bar installs quickly and easily to combat this force. It can be used in combination with a weight distribution hitch or with a sway control ball mount.

Key features of CURT trailer sway control kit

  • Adjustment bolt for different load sizes
  • On / off handle for easy use as needed
  • Compatible with most weight distribution hitches and A-frame trailers
  • Two sway controls recommended

Advantages of CURT trailer sway control

CURT Sway Control Kit A-Frame Trailer

CURT Adjustable Trailer Sway Control Bar

CURT Trailer Sway Control Handle

CURT Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control Kit

Increased control

A CURT trailer sway control kit provides increased comfort and driver control by deterring undesirable lateral trailer movement. It uses a friction pad to limit this motion while allowing for smooth turning of the vehicle and trailer.

Easily adjustable

To accommodate for different trailer types and load sizes, this friction sway control has a simple bolt adjustment toggle. This allows you to increase or decrease the amount of resistance applied by the sway control bar for heavier or lighter loads.

On / off handle

For quick engagement or disengagement as needed, this trailer sway control bar has a release handle to flip the sway control on or off. It also has cotter pins to secure the sway control balls on the vehicle and trailer ends for quick setup.

Versatile fit

The CURT trailer sway control hitch kit is compatible with most A-frame trailers and comes with all of the installation components needed for secure attachment. The trailer-side sway ball has self-tapping screws that allow for flexible, custom positioning.

CURT Trailer Sway Control Hitch, Camper, Towing

Two sway controls recommended

To ensure maximum trailer sway control, two sway control bars are recommended per trailer. A sway control should never be used to combat trailer sway from an improperly loaded trailer.

Trailer sway control mount options

CURT Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

CURT Sway Control Ball Mount

CURT Weld-On Sway Control Tab

Weight distribution hitch

CURT offers several weight distribution hitches with sway control units included. The CURT sway control kit is compatible with almost all CURT weight distribution hitches, and with virtually any weight distribution hitch with a 3/4-inch diameter sway ball hole.

Sway control ball mount

The CURT trailer sway control bar can be mounted on a vehicle-trailer combination using the CURT sway control ball mount #45820. This hitch ball mount fits any industry-standard 2-inch hitch receiver and equips the towing connection with a tab for easily mounting a sway control bar.

Weld-on tab

The trailer sway control kit can also be attached using the CURT weld-on sway tab #45822. This tab has a raw steel end for ready welding and features a 3/4-inch hole. This weld-on tab is included in the CURT sway control kit #17200 to provide versatile mounting options.


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